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No Toothaches at Thanksgiving: Which Foods Are Better for Your Teeth This Holiday?

November 3, 2023

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a table of Thanksgiving food

When it’s time to gather at grandma’s house for the annual family Thanksgiving, there’s a good chance that the table will be filled with all your favorite foods. With a combination of sweet and savory, it can be hard to figure out which ones should consist of your first round versus your second. But if you’re looking to make better decisions this year to ensure the health of your pearly whites, consider which foods you should fill your plate with so that you don’t spend the holidays with your emergency dentist.


The “Best” and “Worst” Candy for Your Child’s Teeth

October 11, 2023

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Two children dressed like witches smiling behind jack-o-lanterns

Although spooky season is filled with fun costumes, apple picking, pumpkin carving, and other festivities, your child may be looking forward to the bags and bags of candy the most. Don’t worry – indulging in a piece or two won’t negatively impact their oral health, especially if you are aware of the “best” and “worst” Halloween candy. With this in mind, keep reading to learn which ones you should keep and which ones you should donate (as well as some helpful oral health tips for the holidays!).


Why Turn to a Dentist for TMJ Treatment?

September 4, 2023

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Woman talking to dentist about her jaw pain

If you are experiencing jaw pain, headaches, and related symptoms, you might be thinking about visiting your primary care practitioner. Certainly, they can evaluate your symptoms, and they might provide a tentative diagnosis of TMJ disorder (TMD), but they may be limited in how much help they can provide. In fact, they might refer you to a local dentist. Why should you turn to a dentist for TMJ treatment? This blog post provides some helpful insight.


Summer: The Season For Dental Implants

July 4, 2023

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Person smiling in the summer sun

Dental implants can make a massive difference in the lives of patients who have long been missing teeth, affording them greater strength and stability in their bite. However, dental implants also involve surgical treatment, which can disincentivize patients from getting the care that they need.

If you’ve been on the fence about getting dental implants, this summer is actually the perfect time to get started. Here are a few reasons why that is.